365. Luke Sital-Singh & Gabrielle Aplin | Nearly Morning (Live Version)

When no one understands you’re breaking ground,
You are not the only one who can’t be found.

Everything must, and does, end. This crazy idea started out on January 13, 2013. The plan was to finish it in an year; however, it took me 622 days to wrap this up! After losing steam sometime in the last quarter of 2013, I never thought I would actually be able to reach 365. I guess, I still have the ability to surprise myself.

Apart from a handful few, not many people knew about Mute Ontologies. I wish to thank everyone who has been a part of this Рfriends, strangers, and contributors alike. Have a drink on me tonight, will you.

Artist: Luke Sital-Singh & Gabrielle Aplin
Song: Nearly Morning
Album: The Fire Inside (2014)
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